Wednesday, August 10, 2011

DMX Controller For The Ultimate Lighting System

Lighting up a place like a night club to attract Saturday night party goers involves creativity mixed with the comprehensive knowledge of the excellent DMX controller. This is a lighting console device which is capable of generating wonderful visual effect under the hands of a proper lightning programmer. It is a fact known to everyone that lighting of a night club is responsible for the mood of the visitors. The way the lights dance to the audio tracks and the way they flash all across the dance floor make the club far more popular. The controller might operate any lighting device attached to it, but the way the programmer pre-programs the software makes all the difference.

The excellent DMX controller could constantly deliver signals to the attached lighting components. Say a fixture consists of 50 bulbs of different shades set in the ceiling, in a circular form all around the head of the DJ. The DMX controller could be pre-programmed to flash, dip lights in a specific sequence and pattern in a predefined period of time. Consider an example, when the red lights in the inner circle are coded to flash each time the green lights in the external circle flash and made to stay illuminated in the high voltage point for 5 seconds and after that dip to 4 V and shut off after four secs. In this case the DMX controller may immediately transfer the corresponding signals to the roof fixture, as soon as it is programmed.

The DMX controller can control any type of fixture and any number of fixtures with no worrying on who the producer is. It is like a web software which is compatible across all browsers. The web software in such case may simply have to be told the name of the browser. In this example the DMX controller needs to be fed with the data relating to the different channels through which it can communicate with the lighting device or the fixture.

The DMX controller can only be programmed appropriately if a DMX console programmer has absolutely revised the manuals of the lighting component that need to be controlled by the DMX controller. All the smart lighting fixtures come with a DMX protocol which is provided by the creator of the device. The DMX protocol could throw light into the number of controllable components that the device has. So, one must go through the manuals properly to glorify a club using lights.

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