Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Samsung PN50C8000 Review - The Ultimate 3D Experience

To give you the touch of the latest three dimensional technologies in visual systems - Samsung PN50C8000 plasma television has arrived. Among various 3D models that arrived in the latest time, this Samsung PN50C8000 model is enriched with excellent design and performance. This is more efficient than the previously launched designs. Its merely 1.5 inches depth and brushed metal cabinet will stun your eyes. All the latest features including the access to internet resources have made the Samsung PN50C8000 more powerful. You will view natural high quality pictures with brighter colors and excellent black levels. You will be able to enjoy amazing quality cinemas without going to the cinema.

Samsung PN50C8000 has 50 inches screen size that will help you to make your own theatre quality drawing room. Due to the three dimensional technologies you will view the characters of the cinema are coming out of the screen. To enjoy 3D movies you will need 3D player like Samsung Blu-ray player. Then enjoy realistic movement of the movie-characters. You will get the facilities to view Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube movie on this Samsung smart television. Even you will get the facilities to store limited amount of images and videos, as it is enriched with Flash Memory. Different electronics video/image capturing devices can be connected to the TV. Its remote controlled user-friendly interface will give you the latest comfort of watching TV.

There is a coating inside the panel, which helps to eliminate distortion. It has features to adjust the components automatically to allow the best quality picture and sound. Its 1080p resolution provides excellent picture quality. You will enjoy stunning clarity and vivid colors. Samsung television comes with improved functions in energy efficiency, color saturation, and contrast. Sometimes reflections may occur by ambient light, this Samsung television has the feature to minimize the reflections. You will get clear and crisp picture in every frame as it has 600Hz subfield motion. It is equipped with Samsung engine chip, which gives incredible clarity.

Its real black filter allows you to see all the dark and shadow images in black color instead of grey color. It is featured with Cinema Smooth that allows to enjoy realistic action. This Samsung television is capable to save more energy. It uses 43% less energy than 2009 plasma models. It has built in digital tuner. To say about connectivity, there are 4 HDMI interface, 2 USB ports, PC input, component video inputs, and more. It weighs 54 pounds without TV-stand. If you want to know about customer satisfaction, then you will be glad to know that most of the customers are satisfied with this Samsung television.

All the latest features are present in this Samsung PN50C8000 plasma television. Flash Memory, HDMI interface, 3D technologies have made this television an excellent entertaining equipment.

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